Tvrz Malešov

Since the mid 14th century, a massive fortress Malešov rises on a rock above the river Vrchlice. Its history is convoluted and turbulent, battles and skirmishes have taken place beneath its walls, and it itself has fallen victim to besieges or fires. From the 17th century it served as a granary and since 1985 as a storage of unnecessary junk.

The end of the century finally seemed to be light at the end of the tunnel…

Čára ornamentální

Middle Ages in the 21st century

Between 2002 and 2017, it underwent a demanding reconstruction and became the basis for spreading the idea of restoring the importance of the Malešov estate.

Since then, a renewed brewery, museum and eventually a pub with accommodation have been established in its neighbourhood.

The idea of restoring the fortress was brought to a successful end thanks to the efforts of friends and family of the current owner and the building now serves not only for housing, but also for organizing various interesting events with a historical or cultural theme.

All details of the fortress can be read on separate website

To ask whether it is possible to visit the castle please contact the campsite reception.