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Koruna Kyj Pohár Meč Šípy Rolnička Růže Štít
Černá čára

Our camp

You can find us in a garden on the bank of a pond under a medieval fortress.
For a romantic night you can choose from 8 tents with a total capacity of 32 beds.
Each tent has its own toilet and shower, double bed and up to 2 additional single beds.
Tickle your taste buds in our culinary restaurant. Relax your body in a stone bath.
There is also a room for corporate events, also usable as a games room.

In the neighbourhood, you will visit the fortress, Friendly brewery and a little unusual museum.
The surrounding area also offers beautiful hiking and cycling trips.

We are open from May till October.

We are not a camp, where you can build your own tent. We accept credit cards. Pets are welcomed, under the condition of their nice behaviour.

Čára ornamentální

Our tents

We invite you to the cosy space of our tents, where time stopped 500 years ago.
But do not worry, the romantic bedroom also hides the luxury of modern age you will sleep on comfortable beds and store your clothes and valuables in a chest. Each tent has its own bathroom in a unique separate space, specially designed for this hotel. Lighting is provided by lanterns, creating an intimate and romantic atmosphere. The bathroom has a socket for those who cannot leave the 21st century behind the ancient walls.

There is a small heater inside each tent, which can help in the event of cold weather.

Prices of 1 tent
1 night for 2 persons: 2 500,- CZK
1 night for 4 persons: 3 500,- CZK

Čára ornamentální

Gift vouchers

If you would like to buy a gift voucher to our camp, the easiest is to choose from already pre-made experiences.

We offer a variety of accomodations, some including medieval bath, a nice dinner in our Friendly brewery or romantic nights in our camp.

To order a gift voucher, please use the reservation form and choose the package option.

To use your gift voucher just use the code in the sale section.

Čára ornamentální

Company events and weddings

Our camp is an ideal place for corporate events. Bring your colleagues and plan the future of your companies in a calm and inspiring environment or recap the achievements of the past period. We will be pleased to provide you not only with space for your meetings and all facilities, but also with an interesting program after you have finished your work.

Who wouldn’t want to experience a romantic wedding?! And what about the wedding ceremony at a medieval fortress and the subsequent celebration at our campsite, where you will be pampered with our personal and enthusiastic service, great food and drinks and the romance of the evening under the stars.

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